VIDEOS about Debora Alanna

Everything Else is Winter - 2012

Hanging out the Laundry

The Mary and Moses Garden Show

Collective sculpture show by artists:
Christine Clark, Debora Alanna (you can see my work at the 9 minute/15 second mark), Elyse Portal, John Luna
Marlene Jess, Michael Jess,Todd Lambeth, Troi Donnelly
Tyler Hodgins, Sarah Stein, Wendy Welch

Here is a link to my show at the Ministry of Casual Living, entitled Outside In.

Outside In was reviewed by Christine Clark on Art in Victoria and Philip Willey on Exhibit-v

UM LIVRO SOBRE A MORTE: Debora Alanna (355)

This is the link to my work on the "Book About Death" blog, for the exhibition Um Livro Sobre A Morte at the MUSEU BRASILEIRO DA ESCULTURA.

My "Seeking Kali" drawing is in this video...

Signs of Our Times The Movie HD from MobiusArtistsGroup on Vimeo.