Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Swirl and swivel...

I get beyond myself, sometimes.

Study and test. Test. Sometimes I dwell on the outside parameters of my life. Why I do what I do is often beyond my comprehension. Fit in to society's norm of the work-world. Where are my ideals, where is the work that I am good at, not just mediocre... I feel like I am paddling upstream, and my canoe leaks.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004



Find material.
Form the idea.
Make it visible.
Make it alive.

Restore the notion, the creation, the discovery of sculpture.
Give back the embedded knowledge.

Give it back to the universe.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Cough. Sniffle, blow.

Perspiration draws down the temple, neck, spotting upon the now damp nightgown. Hack. Drip. Nose is stuffed. Kleenex is not to be had. Roll of toilet paper is drawn by handfuls, over and over until an ample wad is released, quickly shoved under nose, and moistened... deposited in the waste.

Thirst. Juice. Water. Water, juice.

Have to get up - glasses are empty. Wobble to the sink. Draw water. Fridge is near. Pull out the jug of juice. Pour more. Carry two heavy glasses to the coffee table.

Drop to the make-shift bed on the floor in front of the TV. Take the remote to my chest, and let my thumb numbly, weakly skip between channels. Up and down. Commercials are always too loud. Find a movie. Don't remember it. Supposed to be funny. What was it? Decongestant never worked, except to impair my memory.

Pillows don't prevent clogged noses. Sit up, and scramble for more crumpled balls of white paper roll. Eyes are watering, blurry, need to close them. Where is that pillow?