Thursday, April 28, 2005


There are few days when I don't feel that I am under-utilizing my potential. I expect that the more I live the less I think that I have done enough. Days are not filled with the best use of time. This realization disturbs me. My 'day job' has only one redeeming factor - I am allowed a window into the intimacy of human frailty. I find this informs my art and I store these experiences in a memory vault, waiting for the release.

I especially have a great respect for the human demise, and I witness this process in a small way every week. I am especially moved by the change in colouration, physique modulations, the temperament alterations. People that face their death with courage or fear and all combinations in between are a source of inspiration. We all have this journey. From my artistic sensibility, I acknowledge that the visualization of these beings can bring universal truths to be experienced.

Many may not have the opportunity to face this presence where I can assimilate and relate these journeys for others. I am grateful... I believe a studio is near at hand to finally materialize the art that will result from these insights.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Backward to face front

10 years of re-directing my energy, taking a hiatus from my work has allowed me the insight and power to re-initiate my professional goals. Yes. I no longer look at the mirrored imaginings. I can face myself.