Sunday, October 23, 2011

Drawings - Victoria BC 2011

Absorbed, drawing to mark out a secluded life amongst strangers, segregated by dispossession, I allow arduous thought to transform, become tenuous acts of creation.

Fright wakens and slinks into weedy grounds where positive acts strive to flourish. Black and white lines enable my transition into new understanding. Drawn from some unacknowledged terrain where I am past worrying, the drawings reshape tolerance and capture my curious nature, where buoyancy supports insight and breathes delight.

Here's some drawings I made this year...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

“ In search of the absurd “ by Philip Willey

“ In search of the absurd “ by Philip Willey

Here's the bit about me at the end of the article by Philip Willey on Exhibit-v...

"It’s been a good year for the Xchanges balcony. Back in May Helen Rogak, Betty Meyers, and Cheryl McBride transformed it with tar paper and paint. Later Christine Clarke’s vultures flew down from Deep Cove. It’s a conceptually challenging space and now it’s Deborah Alanna’s turn to tackle it. She has hung out some laundry. Clothes dipped in plaster of Paris to be precise. It’s about being frank, letting it all hang out, exposure. And by some curious piece of synchronicity she has been watching a film about the Franklin Expedition and the poor souls who died of exposure in the Arctic.

So there we stood in the parking lot behind the Dairy Queen looking up at a balcony. LED lights in the frigid laundry stared back at us like a row of eyes. A very strange experience. Debora Alanna never disappoints."
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Thank you, Philip!

Here's a slide show of this work and more...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hanging Out the Laundry - Installation

I think there is more than laundry, there is 'Mistress Quickly', laundress and so much else. (Merry Wives of Windsor/Shakespeare) And the stream of streams, the Balcony proved to move thoughts: "This stream had been the good angel of my thoughts all the day, keeping them ever moving and ever fresh, cleansing and burnishing them, quite an open-air laundry of the mind." (The Quest of the Golden Girl/Gallienne)

Will stares of clothed apparitions last the month? How transitory are our hopes and fears, that they need to be wrung out more frequently than our clothes? Laundry is a comfort, if it does nothing but allow time to pass thoughtfully in the open air.