Thursday, October 14, 2010

Summer drawings for new sculpture

Here's some drawings I did over the summer that are more in my own sensibility (as opposed to trying to figure out what a client wants, and executing the work from descriptors someone else provides). I envision this work to be large - at least 3 x 12 metres. Thinking of using cement fabric and translucent cement. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Edmonton Commission - Summer 2010 - Creating a Myth

Graham Burns of Ant with me (Debora Alanna) on scaffold, installing Revisioning

Process of project development for Auricle and Revisioning or Creating a Myth
In July 2010, I received a call from Joe Clare. A colleague, painter of the Free Rain mural, James K-M had some of my sculpture in his studio, which Joe saw when visiting. This work seemed to generate the beginning of opportunity for me, and I responded to Joe’s ideas by coming to Edmonton to produce Auricle and Revisioning. Joe’s inspired idea to involve Edmonton business brought us to Durabond, where we were graciously provided with working space, technical support and material. The work took 6 weeks to complete. Graham Burns, owner of ANT, craftsman extraordinaire, provided installation expertise. Ron Snider has kindly been the project photo-journalist and Brandi Elderkin administrative and logistic support. Thank you to the muses that enabled Joe Clare’s vision. His enduring and sustained determination has provided an amazing orchestration to bridge art and business, giving possibilities a life. Thank you to the entire team, and especially, Joe Clare, for your generous spirit. 

Clairaudience (mystical hearing) is integral to the Anahatha or heart/stillness Chakra. Through this spiritual centre, we hear the pulse of the universe.
Auricle is composed of four sculptures because four denotes earthly phenomena, grounding us to be accessible to numinous experience. As we are bound by Earth’s four cardinal points (North, South, East and West), time’s four seasons/ four lunar weeks we are also associated with four classical "elements" of fire, air, earth, and water. The association with Earth means that four symbolizes being "down-to-earth." Four is the first composite number is linked to the idea of an other-directed or "composite personality" that takes cues from diverse and often contradictory sources, leading to fiercely autonomous, "out-of-the-box" thinking.  Auricle allows diverse hearing of disparate thought.
 Joe Clare’s prolific community development has become another success. His vision manifests into a sculpture garden commission, where 4 carved works, Auricle, are attentive to and emanate the essence of his vision. Through Debora Alanna’s sculpture, produced at Edmonton’s Durabond facility while employing their wondrous product, Clare’s visualization enabled hearing the need for this sculptural presence to embody his perceptions, manifesting the interaction between earth-bound seekers of truth.

Auricle - 1 of 4 (night view)

Auricle - 4 of 4

Street view of Auricle - photo by Ron Snider