Saturday, July 03, 2010

Signs of our times

Here's another adventure - sharing observations, this time signs. A group exhibition of  international submissions will take place September 14-19, 2010 at Mobius in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Curated by Jane Hsiaoching Wang.

The call for contributions can be found here:

Submit your Signs!


Have you ever been walking, bicycling, driving, sitting in a bus or train and suddenly seen a sign which made you do a double take? or seen a sign whose meaning escaped you or initially gave you pause and then perhaps you comprehended its meaning or didn't? or a sign which made no sense at all? or a sign that just made you laugh or cry hysterically for some unfathomable reason?

This call is about those puzzling/surreal/emotionally evocative signs of our times. "Of our times" is defined as either drawing from your own personal experience/history or the collective's present, near past or imagined future."
Here's my contribution: