Sunday, July 26, 2009

Letter Writing

Letter writing, whether on paper or computer screen is a practice that is, in my experience a difficult one for many people. I have acted as ‘ghost’ writer for many individuals, including executives, business managers and physicians, both ESL and those educated with English as a means of communicating. The ability to write words describing what one means to say, a seemingly simple act, is beyond the capacity of countless of those wanting to express themselves with letters.

However, for many that are capable, there is a persistent fear to have thoughts and feelings existing for others to read, and refer to; a letter becomes a testament to their perhaps changeable mind. Permanently existing, a letter, whether a personal or business communication, discloses thoughts and sentiments without the guile of gesture, inference of body language, and cleverness of tone of voice that a personal interaction or phone conversation would enable.

The time consuming undertaking of letter writing seems to continue to dwindle due to the expediency of texting and cellular communication. Although an avid email letter writer, I find myself affected and indulgent. The need or desire for speed supersedes the luxury of an enduring hand written letter. It is a loss I feel compelled to take responsibility for, as I too have succumb to promptness over the thriving grace of a letter that has had thoughts wrought through pen and paper.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Arts Workshops

This is the poster for the Stage Design course I am teaching this summer in collaboration with Opera Lirica Italiana. Intake is on-going. This workshop is located in the Sheppard and Yonge area. Please email or call to book a space!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Blind's Eye

'Blind's Eye' is work created after experiencing temporary blindness in my right eye. The work below is the feeling of sight impairment. The work to the right is the affect of that temporary condition - sight has been restored, more or less.