Saturday, July 30, 2011


Here are some of my videos of Syngja, solo recordings of talented Tyr Jami, known as the cellist, composer and singer of The Winks performing the in Vancouver BC on December 2010 are accompanied by stunning visuals created in situ by Jasa Baka.

Tyr Jami and Jasa Baka are artists that live and work in Montreal PQ.

Tyr is returning to the West Coast in August to play in Vancouver, Salt Spring Island, Pender Island and Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia:

August 4th: North Pender Island

August 5th: Victoria, BC @ the Red Door with Freak Heat Waves​

August 10th: Saltspring Island: noon hour Music and Munch concert series

August 11th: Vancouver @ The Red Gate

August 12th: Vancouver @ Thors Palace with Aaron Read, Andy Dixon, Garland and Yarn​vent.php?eid=2533676946782​39

Syngja will play in Vancouver and Victoria​gja

Pender and Saltspring Islands I will play with Graeme Wilkinson (piano)

Arvo Pärt: Spiegel im Spiegel
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Sinfonia in F
Sylvia Rickard: Song for the Earth
Dmitri Shostakovich:Sonata in D minor Op. 40
Icelandic Folksongs
George Gershwin

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Video of Mary and Moses Sculpture Garden

Here's the Mary and Moses Sculpture Garden video by Exhibit-v You can see my work at 9:15 (at the nine minutes and 15 seconds mark).

Mary and Moses Sculpture Garden show presented sculpture by the following artists:
Christine Clark, Debora Alanna, Elyse Portal, John Luna
Marlene Jess, Michael Jess, Todd Lambeth, Troi Donnelly
Tyler Hodgins, Sarah Stein, Wendy Welch.

"An afternoon at Deep Cove" by Philip Willey

"An afternoon at Deep Cove" by Philip Willey

Philip Willey wrote an entertaining piece on the sculpture show I participated in:

The Mary and Moses Sculpture Garden Show
July 22,23 & 24, 2011
Moses Pt. Rd., North Saanich
Victoria, BC Canada

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mary and Moses Sculpture Garden

White on Black - Yin (Photo by Christine Clark)

White on Black - Yang (Photo by Christine Clark)

The Mary & Moses Sculpture Garden Show

Christine Clark,artist writer, curator of the Balcony Gallery invited a group of artists install sculpture on 4 acres of forest lined with Deep Cove ocean expanse. The garden belonged to Mary and Moses Martin (from England), and their sons kindly consented to share the magical gardens with artists this weekend at the "Mary and Moses Sculpture Garden" show.

Todd Lambeth. Surveyor’s stakes in a grey scale.

Christine Clark. Cabbages (paper and paint)

Debora Alanna. White on black, in the pond.

Elyse Portal. Clay pieces in the trees.

Tyler Hodgins. Tent City in miniature.

Troi Donnelly. Nonsense words and plastic cones.

Wendy Welch
. Chairs.

John Luna. String and other things.

Michael Jess. Burial Performance–time capsule.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Review on Exhibit-v - John Luna - Home Show and Sale

Exhibit-v posted my latest review: John Luna's Home Show and Sale

John Luna "is an artist based in Victoria British Columbia. He has exhibited installations of painting and sculpture in connection to poetry, collage, stencils, sculpture and historical artifacts, in Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, San Diego and San Francisco. John has published catalogue essays and criticism in Victoria, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Los Angeles and Jakarta, and is an instructor at the Vancouver Island School of Art and the University of Victoria." ~ From John Luna's website:

Exhibit-v "provides an extensive monthly calendar of openings,ongoing art exhibitions and the most reliable list of art galleries in the community. Video clips of exhibitions and the people attending the events, as well as interviews with artists will enhance exposure for these visual arts events." From the Exhibit-v website: