Thursday, September 01, 2005

Paper Doll

This duo creates - with multiple notions; a multiplex of messages, transmitted simultaneously; multitudinous elements, including, jostling and melodious sound; coincident fabric; startling paint; superposed make-up... using enamored actors; winking models; fascinated and compliant audiences; noisy machines... This design of congruence - all aspects of theatre jumbled and sculpted into performance... Numerous continuities; countless values - worthiness, strength, utility, importance - frivolity as an estimable trait; innumerable calculations; uncountable diversions, untold degrees of intensity; several speculations about life, learning and paths of delight; mixed media, where mixing results in various projected plays of enormous proportions; divers proclamations that result in multifarious perceptions, which extol toleration and glory; manifold operations that combine expertise of their natural ability to invent and present. Truly, Paperdoll is a myriad of presentations, made generously, offered without expectation, a tribute to largess - simply, variations of complexities that reward us with the Paperdoll oeuvre.

Using the premise that their real and imagined experience is a resource, forming an inspired and fertile world where their impression can transform, they seek to develop an opinion that seriously but playfully dances through stability into invention, where envisaging becomes reality. The result is fabrication, imbued with archetypal concepts, which are chaotic, and as messy as reality; charged emotionally, somewhat humbling as the confidence from the colour and pageantry erupt with a maelstrom of activity - the centre of conception is spared to allow the participant, viewer, creator space to contemplate in awe.