CV with Exhibitions & Residencies - Debora Alanna

Debora Alanna


Hybrid (Lava & Light) – Populus Tremula,  Akureyri, Iceland - Curator: Kristján Pétur Sigurðsson 

Everything Else is Winter – Xchanges Gallery, Victoria BC  

Outside In - Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria BC (May) - Curator: Aubrey Burke.
Hanging out the Laundry – Balcony Gallery, Victoria BC (Oct) - Curator: Christine Clark.

Edmonton AB outdoor installation: Revisioning/Auricle. Commissioned by Joe Clare.

Congregation – The State Museum of Art of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan (named for A. Kasteev). Curator: Yuliya Sorokina 

Coda – Galerie Aquai Siam Ben 11, Vallauris, France. Curator: Dale Dorosh. - Sculpture
Ebb and Flow – Spiazzi Cultural Association, Venice, Italy. Curator: Gaetano di Gregorio.
Catharsis – Adonis, Vallauris, France. Curator: Dale Dorosh.

Trident –- Gallery Steps, New Delhi, India - Curators: Ajay Khanna& Anil Vyas

End and Continuation –- Centre for Image and Sound Research (CISR), Vancouver, BC

Light as Material –- Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, BC. Curator: Todd Davis.

Lightworks –- Gallery Too, Vancouver, BC. Curator: Randy Anderson. .

Tetrahedrons on Trafalgar  –-Vancouver, BC

Challenge of the Mountains   –-Triumph, UBC, Vancouver, BC.

Three Forms –- or Gallery, Vancouver, BC – Gallery Board Juried exhibition

Sculpture: Garden –- Unit Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, BC - Curator: Todd Davis


Difference and Repetition – Slide Room Gallery - Curator: Efren Quiroz (Invitational)
100 Artists – Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria BC - Curators: Katie Sage, John MacDowell
Diversity Makes us Stronger – CAC Victoria BC  - Betty Meyers, Joan McHardy (Invitational)

ECCE Artists FABBRICAIMMAGINERome, Italy (travelling), Curator: Mariagrazia Benvenuti
Integrate Arts – Galley 1580, Victoria BC, Curator Richard Pawley
Lost LP Covers –- Deluge, Victoria BC, Curators: Deborah de Boer, Todd Eacret

Mary and Moses Sculpture Garden –- Deep Cove BC, Curator: Christine Clark                                                  
Lost LP Covers –- Deluge Art Gallery, Victoria BC, Deborah de Boer, Todd Eacret


Seeking Kali –CW Post, Long Island, NY, Curators: Susan Schulman, William Evertson

Signs of our Times Mobius, Inc. Boston MA, Curator : Jane Hsiaoching Wang

SurrealEstate – Mobius, Inc. Boston MA, Curator : Jane Hsiaoching Wang

Um Livro Sobre A Morte –- Museu Brasileiro da Escultura Curators: Angela Ferrerra, Matthew Rose
Vancouver Island - Save it or Sell it –  Collective Works /Dogwood Initiative, Victoria BC Curators: Collective Works Adjudication Committee

Art and Soul –-Victoria, BC, Curator: Jody Patterson
Els Colors Del Foc (The Fire of Colour) –- Exposició Collectiva Davis Museum, Barcelona Span. Curator: Davis Lisboa
“Look” – Community Arts Council, Victoria BC
MUSEUM MKAC, Museo Karura Art Centre – Second Life. Permanent Collection of Contemporary Art by Davis Museum. Curator: Davis Lisboa

Rétrospective: Galerie Aqui Siam Ben Vallauris, France. Curator: Dale Dorosh

East Side Culture Crawl – Vancouver, BC
Verrocchio Art Centre – Casole d’Elsa, Italy, Curators: Nigel Konstam , Ben Brotherington
Vallauris Expo Espace Grand-Jean, Vallauris, Curator: Dale Dorosh
A.I.R. prends l'Air – Au Lavoire de Mougins, Mougins, France, Curator: Dale Dorosh
Fête Picasso – Small Art Objects : Galerie Aqui Siam Ben – Vallauris, France, Curator: Dale Dorosh

Gallery Steps –- New Delhi, India. Curators: Ajay Khanna, Anil Vyas
Digital Investigations: Differential Space –-Teck Gallery, SFY Harbour Centre, Vancouver, BC. Catalogue. Curator: Petra Watson.

BC Chamber of Commerce –-Vancouver, BC. Invited participant.
Urbanarium  –-Vancouver, BC. Curators: Urbanarium Development Society. Catalogue.

Crystal Gardens –-Victoria, BC
Invitational exhibition by the Architectural Institute of BC, BC Sculptor’s Society.

EDUCATION and Training

2010 - Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC - Continuing Studies: Communication, Writing
2007 - NextEngine/Rapidworks - 12 hrs of on-line tutorials; 3D scanning
1998 - BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) - 4 Workshops on Multimedia
1996 - ECCAD – Vancouver, BC (part-time) – Sound Design. Professional Practices for Designers & Artists,
UBC – Continuing Studies – Introduction to Multimedia Workshop
1983 - Ontario College of Art - AOCA – 4 yr program (Associate of Ontario College of Art) – Toronto, ON
1972 -74 - UBC – Vancouver, BC - English, Film, , Banff School of Fine Arts – Banff, AB (summer) - Painting, music composition,  Vancouver School of Art – Vancouver, BC (part-time) - Drawing, painting, metal sculpture
2008 – Canadian Embassy - Kazakhstan
1996 – Canadian Embassy - India
2013 – Akureyri Artist Studio - Akureyri , Iceland. Juried Residency
Ø  Exhibition: Hybrid: Lava & Light. Populus Tremula Gallery Akureyri Iceland.
2008 – The State Museum of Art of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after A. Kasteev & Asia Art+ PF - Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Ø   [1st artist to be invited] – Pilot Project . Exhitibion: Congregations. Co-sponsored by Canadian Embassy.
Ø  Lecture & Master class, Kasteev Museum, Kazakh National Academy of Arts (named after T.K.Zhurgenov)
Ø  Interview with Yuliya Sorokina - published & Kazakhstan TV x 2
2007 – A.I.R. Vallauris, France, Spring and Winter. Juried Residency
Ø  Produced 2 shows - Catharsis, Coda)
Ø  Produced videos of artists: Anne Eliot, USA & David Franklin, Ireland
2007 – Associazione Culturale Spiazzi, Venice, Italy
Ø  Juried Residency
Ø  Produced show - Canal: Ebb and Flow
2007 – Can Serrat, El Bruc, Spain Juried Residency
Ø  Produced video interview of artist: Huilo Wonder, American performance artist.
2007 – Verrocchio Art Centre, Casole d’Elsa, Italy. Produced sculpture & drawings; group exhibition.
2006 – Atelier Silex –- Trois Rivières, PQ. Juried residency – Sculpture
Ø  6 sculptures created for the purpose of digitization and stereolithography production.
1998 – Kanoria Art Centre – Ahmenabad, Gujarat India. Juried residency


Present – since 2010
2013 – Craig’s Stroke – sound interpretation of visual score by Lance Austin Olsen
Ø  Collaboration with Lance Austin Olsen & John Luna

Video production: Sounds in a Room – 4, Syngja
Instructor: Considering 3D – Royal Roads University2009
Invitational Juror: Fête Picasso – Small Art Objects  Vallauris FR
2007 – Invitational Juror: Fête Picasso – Small Art Objects,  Vallauris, FR
Raku Workshops École Municipal de Beaux Arts de Vallauris – Espace Grand-Jean, Vallauris FR
2006 – Open Trajectory - Sculpture made for digitization and stereolithographic production
Ø  Research: Form Lab, University of Montreal PQ
Ø  Workshop – Form Lab, University of Montreal, PQ. 3D scanning techniques. Produced photomontage of scanning process.
Centre for Image and Sound Research (CISR) – Vancouver, BC
Ø  Board member; Devised and Chaired Art and Industry program, Level 11 Project participant
Ø  Explored technological applications to sculpture; produced various 3D drawings and virtual sculptures. Community Development Committee member, Collaborated on the creation and adjudication of Seed Research grants for Artists and Technologists.
Writer: Asia Pacific Sculpture News/ Asia Pacific Art News, Hong Kong
Ø  Reviewed sculpture exhibitions, including New Horizons, Bangalore, India, a collaboration between artists of Australia & India
Writer: Times of India, Ahmedabad, India - Art critic and cultural commentator - Weekly column.
Canada-India Cultural Exchange – Communications Director
Ø  Established cooperative educational opportunities between Canada & India
Ø  Office space donated by Shastri Indo Canadian Institute
Ø  Honorarium, Canadian High Commission, New Delhi
Lecturer: “Sculpture as it Evolves in Technological Development, Various institutions in India, including:
Ø  International Centre for Cultural Development, Trivandrum
Ø  Lalite Kala, New Delhi
Ø  University of the Arts, Rajamundry
Ø  Chitralka Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
Ø  Ken School of Art, Bangalore
Magic Lab – University of British Columbia - Guest Artist
Ø  Studied the effects of CAD/CAM programs on the development of sculptural ideas.
Ø  Computer Based Technologies in the Visual Arts – Vancouver Art Gallery
Ø  Invited Participant
Round Table Forum – the application of technology to art, the affects of the use of technology in art on the artists and public.

Cultural Leadership Development Program – Edmonton, Alberta - Invited Participant