Sunday, December 23, 2012

Teatro Jaguar Luna

The ever present Juilo Maravilla Mago Jaguar presents 10 years of teatro jaguar luna...

(there is a video clip I took of Juilo at Can Serrat in 2007 @ 7:19 !)

Teatro Jaguar Luna invites the audience to consider that the world is joined together through metaphoric symbolism. Weaving improvisational patterns, metaphysical storytelling is integrated by using masks, magic, videography and movement. From solo shows to groups of 13 or more, this theatre shares tales from Jaguar Magicians, Butterfly devas, mysterious lizards, dashing madams, all who come to humanity and reveal various offerings from other dimensional worlds.

Characters encourage the audience to question reality and to engage actively in the dream world, co-creating a new holographic layer of thoughts and thereby weaving a new web of reality. At times, hilarious, at others times poignant and heart moving... Teatro Jaguar Luna has brought whimsical ritual theatre to audiences around the globe for over a decade.